For Wholesale Customers Q&A

Is there a Minimum Order Quantity for the Cart?  - To Make an order as a wholesale customer and to qualify for an order, please make an order with a minimum of $500.

Is there a Minimum Order Quantity for specific items?  - Yes, they are listed below, please try to stick to these guidelines or adjustments will need to be made to your order.
Cans/Sauces/Jars/Bottled drinks - Carton Quantity.

Snacks/Packaged Goods/Dried Noodles -  
If CTN QTY is below 30 =Carton Quantity.
If CTN QTY is Above 30 = 20 Pieces

Instant NoodlesCarton Quantity.

Homeware - 5 Or more.

Large Items (Rice/Oil/Salt/Flour/Sugar) - None

What Payment options are available? The current payment options we currently accept are Cash and Bank Transfers. 

Where do you deliver to? - Our Delivery trucks are assigned on weekly routes, to majority of the major inner suburbs around melbourne. We occasionally deliver to routes outside of this but may not be as frequent.

How are interstate deliveries managed? - Majority of our interstate orders are done through freighter companies, the fee depends on which state and freight company and further if a tailgate lift is required. Stock is delivered on a pallet.
Place an order, we will pack it, maximising your delivery by telling you how much more goods we can fit on the pallet until we can't fit anymore.